Memphis Replaces Confederate Statue With Giant Afro Pick, Black Power Fist Sculpture

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From Memphis, comes word that a statue of Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederacy, has been replaced with a giant afro-pick and black power fist.

Should we erase American history?

The eight-foot-tall afro-pick and black power fist are part of a temporary art installation in Fourth Bluff Park, previously known as Confederate Park.

In 2018 the park underwent a cultural cleansing. Every Civil War statue, sign and plaque were removed.

“You know, change is never easy,” Greenspace CEO Van Turner told Action News 5. “But change is necessary.”

The new art installation is titled, “All Power to All People.” But clearly, they don’t mean “all” people.

“This is a celebration of self-love, representation and something that we can all really be proud of,” George Abbott with Memphis River Parks told the television station.

Action News 5 reports that “while one might see an afro pick with a power fist, others might have a different take.”

How in the world people might have a different interpretation of the art installation is beyond me. It’s literally an afro-pick and a giant black power fist.

“Bringing all power to all people here just helps to emphasize what we try to do every day which is create a riverfront for everyone,” Abbott said. “I think it’s a beautiful piece in and of itself. But the meaning behind it adds a layer of meaning that’s very profound here in Memphis.”

I wrote extensively about the attempts by culture jihadists to erase our history in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

In Memphis, city leaders are literally renaming all parks and buildings named after white people. They are also tearing down statues and monuments honoring whites.

And in one instance, city leaders dug up the dead bodies of a Confederate war general and his wife. They literally desecrated a grave.

Click here to read my book.

Maybe instead of calling it Fourth Bluff Park, the city council should rename it “Afro Pick Park.”

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