National Anthem Banned ‘Out of Respect’ at HS Softball Game

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Miss Debbie, one of our great listeners in Houston sent me an insane story about an attack on the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Just before the start of a regional high school softball game featuring the Atascocita Eagles and Deer Park Lady Deer, the announcer declared over the public address system that the national anthem would not be performed.

He said out of respect it would not be played.

Lots of folks in the stands demanded to know, “Out of respect for whom?”

“I would really like to understand what the heck was the reasoning behind it. Was it a political statement, was it a careless lapse of judgment,” one fan wrote on social media. “I would like to know who was the one who instructed the announcer to make this statement, as I would like to have a conversation with that person about our nation already torn and a struggle for our youth compared to my own and why patriotism is needed and important for our country, to inspire us, to unite us. How when cherished it fills our hearts with pride and optimism.”

Another fan wrote, “the fact that people actually think that’s ok is a big crock of s**t. If that hurts someone’s feelings then I’m not sorry and you should just probably unfriend me because I probably didn’t like you anyways.”

Well said, ma’am.

It’s unclear who told the game announcer not to play the national anthem. My money would be on a godless vegan atheist sporting a man bun.

Instead of sitting quietly in the stands, many fans from both teams rose to their feet and began belting out the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The umpires remained at home plate and took off their hats out of respect.

“This is Texas and we still love our country and our National Anthem,” Miss Debbie told me.

And that’s how patriots fight back when someone takes offense at the national anthem. You sing even louder. Well done, softball fans!

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