PANSIES: School District Fears Kids Might Oppress Plants

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Students in Howard County, Maryland are being told to address their speciesism. Specifically, educators are concerned about youngsters who might oppress plants. Like daffodils and ferns. 

It was part of a broader lesson connected to Black Lives Matter. 

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The students were given a worksheet that identified their privilege and oppression. 

Speciesism covers 13 types of oppression including racism, sexism, classism, ageism and adultism.

The worksheet is derived from a lesson plan that appears to have connections to the Black Lives Matter movement, per documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE). PDE obtained documents showing details of the HCPSS lesson plan, which explicitly has a “Black Lives Matter” banner at the top of the “lesson” titled “Diversity and Globalism: Secondary Social Studies Community.” 

The worksheet was created by “Circle Forward,” a resource guide designed to help schools build a restorative school community. In “Circle Forward,” the “Privileged or Oppressed? Worksheet” is paired with a chart titled, “Understanding Oppression Worksheet.” The chart includes 13 “types of oppression,” with speciesism being one of the forms of oppression. Speciesism is defined as humans oppressing “animals, plants, and flora.” 

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So the question is why a public school district is using Black Lives Matter propaganda in its classrooms. 

Should Americans homeschool their children?

Teachers are supposed to be teaching, not recruiting. 

And why are we wasting precious time telling children to be kind to bushes and trees? Maybe somebody’s weed whacker triggered a pajama boy snowflakes allergies?

Sounds like Howard County, Maryland has a bumper crop of pansies this year. 

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