Politico Co-Founder: ‘Time to Cancel Presidents Day’

Thanks to former President Trump and the death of George Floyd, Politico co-founder John F. Harris wants to cancel Presidents Day.

Should we cancel Presidents Day?

In an op-ed titled, “It’s Time To Cancel Presidents Day,” Harris claims Americans on the Left and the Right can both agree to nix the federal holiday.

“A democracy really shouldn’t be mythologizing presidents at all,” Harris wrote. “From the left it seems obvious that we don’t need a holiday honoring 46 presidents, all of them men. From the right it seems obvious that we don’t need to be honoring the aggrandizement of Washington-based politicians.”

He points out that woke public schools have renamed their institutions that honor past presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and, even, Abraham Lincoln.

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Harris suggests Presidents Day be replaced by “Citizens Day.”

“Yes, by all means let’s keep a day off to reflect on lessons of the American past,” he concluded. “But let’s make this about real history — an invitation to humility and renewed commitment to national purpose — rather than mythological history, an invitation to arrogance and complacency.”

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor slammed the op-ed on Twitter:

“Whatever Harris writes is likely to be the most stupid thing you read that day,” Gainor said.