Rue 21 Selling Shirts That Put Police in Crosshairs

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Should brands be allowed to target police?

A popular clothing store is selling t-shirts that promote anti-police propaganda.

One of my listeners sent me a photo from Rue 21’s website — It’s from their Public Enemy clothing line. One of the shirts features the words Public Enemy along with a target. In the crosshairs is an image of a police officer.

The message is not exactly subtle.

Rue 21 seems to believe that police officers should be hunted down because they are the enemy of black people.

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Rue 21 is a national retailer that appeals to younger Americans.

Their stores have also been frequently targeted by robbers and thieves. And there have been a number of shootings outside their stores.

Seems to me Rue 21 should be selling t-shirts and clothing lines that honor the police — and thanking them for keeping their employees safe.

That being said Rue 21 may very well rue the day when they decided to declare war on those who protect and serve.

I’m Todd Starnes.