‘SLAP IN FACE!’ Homeless Vets Removed From Hotels to Make Room for Illegals

Nearly two dozen homeless veterans have been evicted from hotels to make room for illegal immigrants.

The New York Post reports the veterans had been staying at Crossroads Hotel Newburgh. The temporary housing was provided courtesy of a non-profit veterans group.

But the hotels discovered they would be provided with much higher room rates by the federal government if they evicted the veterans and housed illegal aliens.

Veterans were also told to leave the Super 8 motel and Hampton Inn and Suites in Middletown.

The suburbs have become ground zero in the fight over illegals after New York City Mayor Eric Adams ordered the illegals bussed out of the city.

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State Assemblyman Brian Maher called out the hotels and urged them to respect the veterans – many of whom served in Vietnam.

The lawmaker says it’s not right to ignore the veterans while making room for illegals.

“So, the Biden administration, Governor Hochul, and the city of New York, they all have a part in this, and it’s a total embarrassment,” Maher told Fox & Friends. “It’s a slap in the face to veterans, to citizens of New York in this country, who are really being cast aside to allow for asylum seekers to come here.”

“At the end of the day, when it comes to this particular situation, you had combat veterans who were homeless, who were told to get out of their hotel,” he continued. “After one day, Sharon and her team scrambled to find them locations, and right now, what we’ve tried to do is let those veterans know we appreciate them. We’re embarrassed by what’s happened to them, but we have their backs.”

Crossroads Hotel also canceled several wedding parties. Click here to read that story.

“We just know about 20 veterans, and we know about weddings whose parties have been canceled,” Maher said. “We don’t know how far-reaching this is, and what Sharon has been hearing is throughout the country, other veterans organizations and other organizations that really help at-risk Americans are coming forward and letting her know, hey, it’s happened to us, but they’re afraid to speak out.”

The Republican lawmaker said it’s important to put veterans first, not the illegals.

Shame on Crossroads Hotel and Super 8 and Hampton Inn for disrespecting our veterans.

I can assure you the Starnes family will no longer be doing business with any of those establishments.

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