Small Town Gas Station Cuts Prices to Help Customers

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Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next. Gas prices are now at record highs thanks to the Biden Administration’s radical environmental policies. 

Are you changing your behavior because of high gas prices?

Well over four dollars a gallon – that’s the national average — in some places it’s over seven dollars a gallon. 

But not in Burnsville, North Carolina. 

The owners of the Citgo station at the corner of U.S. 19 East and Depot Street have decided to take one on the chin for their longtime customers. 

They dropped the price for a gallon of regular unleaded to $2.25 per gallon. 

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Cars lined up for hours to take advantage of the gas station’s good deed. 

The station’s owners say they just wanted to help people —  even though they are taking a big loss by cutting the price.  

Locals say they are not surprised by the gas station’s kinds. That’s just how things are in small-town America. 

“They really helped out the community,” Lupita Magana told WFMY-TV. “I told other families they need to go fill up while they had a chance.”

“I think it’s really great and kind of them to do that for people around here like us. It’s really good of them,” Caylie Vess, of Green Mountain, told the outlet.

Another local, Penny Silver, said: “It’s a small town, and we have lots of people who are from here that are so helpful and empathetic.”

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