STARNES: Dems Believe the Most Dangerous Places in USA are Church and Trump Rallies

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The following is a transcript from nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes’ commentary heard on hundreds of stations across the country.

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There was a massive concert in New York City this weekend. Thousands turned out. Masks were optional.

There was a massive Trump rally in Alabama this weekend, too. Thousands turned out. Masks were also optional.

Guess which one the Mainstream Media likened to a “Super Spreader” event.

For some reason, the CDC and the media seem to believe that the most dangerous place during a pandemic is church, biker rallies and any place that President Trump is speaking.

It’s hard to take the Democrats seriously when Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi can hold huge parties with unmasked guests. All the while, regular Joes have had to cancel weddings, funerals and backyard birthday parties.

It’s hard to take the Democrats seriously when they allow tens of thousands of unvaccinated illegals and Afghan refugees into the country, while banning unvaccinated Americans from restaurants and bars.

If the virus really is as dangerous as the Democrats say it is — why are they not abiding by their own China Virus guidelines?

I’m Todd Starnes