STARNES: Did FBI Stage Capitol Riot to Make Trump Look Bad?

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Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next.

I’ve been telling you for quite some time there is more than meets the eye – when it comes to what happened at the U.S. Capitol last year.

Yes – some very bad people did some very bad things and they should be punished.

But most of the people at the Capitol that day were invited to be there. Video shows the police moved aside barriers. They ushered people into the buildings. And yet many of those people were arrested.

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Now we are beginning to learn the rest of the story.

Project Veritas conducted an undercover investigation – interviewing a New York Times reporter — Matthew Rosenberg. A Pulitzer Prize winner.

He said there were actually tons of FBI informants who were involved in the attack. And that the media coverage distorted what really happened. Which is interesting because Mr. Rosenberg’s public writings contributed to the distortion.

Beware of the media’s narrative – and just know that what they say is fact is, in fact, fiction.

I’m Todd Starnes.

Do you think the FBI staged the Jan. 6 Capitol riot?