STARNES: Disney Wants Minnie Mouse to Look Like a Man

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Disney’s beloved Minnie Mouse is getting a makeover. Replacing her iconic red, polka-dot dress with a gender-neutral pantsuit.

Minnie Mouse is apparently getting fashion advice from Hillary Clinton.

News of the makeover came just days after the makers of M&M’s announced they, too, were making their candies less feminine, more masculine.

The sex and gender revolutionaries prefer that the candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hands parades around in Birkenstocks instead of stilettos.

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Disney says they wanted to put Minnie in pants as a symbol of progress for a new generation of women.

So the next time you visit Disney World, don’t be surprised if you see a nonbinary M&M wearing sensible shoes cavorting with a gender-neutral mouse wearing trousers.

I’m just glad Walt Disney’s not alive to see what diversity crowd has done to his beloved cartoon world.

Cruella de Woke.

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