STARNES: Does Biden Know That K-Pop Isn’t Corn Pop?

The Korean pop band, BTS, visited the White House Tuesday for a meeting with President Biden.

National radio host Todd Starnes joked about if Biden knew the difference between K-Pop and the infamous “Corn Pop.”

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Starnes: This item just in from the White House, President Biden is going to be meeting with a Grammy-nominated musical group from Korea. The group is a K-Pop phenomenon. I’ve not gotten into the K-Pop. I don’t understand the attraction to K-Pop, but there’s a very popular group called BTS and it stands for Beyond the Scene. Anyway, is it a boy band? Is that basically it? K-Pop is basically a boy band. And so anyway, President Biden’s inviting the band to come to the White House to talk about Asian-American hate crimes and to figure out ways that he can promote diversity and inclusion within the Asian-American community. So there you go. I, I hesitate to ask this question, but I feel as if I must. Does Biden- is Biden aware of what K-Pop really is? Biden understands that it’s not corn pop, right? That this is a different – this is something different, right? Okay. Well, we hope so. It ought to be entertaining.

Does Biden know what K-Pop is?

Full “Corn Pop” Biden story video below: