STARNES: Easier for a Jihadist to Get into USA Than it is an UnVaxxed Child to Get into McDonald’s

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The British Muslim who attacked a Texas synagogue had a long history of extremist behavior. Malik Akram was well-known to the British spy agency MI5. He also had an extensive criminal record. 

Newsmax reports the suspect had very disturbing ties to radical Islam. Their report discovered:

  • Ties between Akram’s organization and ISIS and al-Qaida.
  • Facts that prove Akram was a jihadist.
  • What Guantanamo interrogations found about the group.
  • Why the Biden administration does not want the truth revealed.
  • Akram’s long record of activism against Israel.
  • Clear evidence the FBI is not telling the truth about this case.

So why was this man allowed to set foot on American soil? That’s a question Homeland Security does not appear to be interested in tackling. 

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Was he on a watch list? If not, why? Did anyone raise any red flags? How was he able to get a weapon? And in this age of the China Virus – was he vaccinated? 

It’s a valid question seeing how Americans who declare religious exemptions to the vaccine are put on government watch lists. 

Maybe the feds were too busy conducting surveillance on American parents attending school board meetings.

Whatever the reason – it’s easier for a jihadist to slip into America than it is for an unvaccinated five-year-old to order a Happy Meal in Washington, D.C.

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