STARNES: I Got the Jab. Here Are My Side Effects.

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Nationally-syndicated radio host Todd Starnes revealed Wednesday he got the China Virus vaccine and is experiencing side effects.

The best-selling author shared the news with Todd Starnes Show listeners to make sure they knew the truth about possible side effects.

“If the government is going to force you to get the vaccine, you deserve to know the truth — that more than likely you will suffer side effects,” Starnes said.

“I followed my own advice – I consulted with my doctor and she said – it’s time to get the jab,” he said. “The people who say side effects are few and far between are lying to you.”

Starnes, who has had open-heart surgery, explained he has experienced severe chest pain, something the CDC’s website lists as a possible side effect.

“I’m dealing with some significant heart issues. It’s a very painful situation, but I’ll be okay,” he said.

Starnes called out people in conservative media lying to their audience. “They’re telling you that you’re not patriotic if you don’t get the vaccine, claiming Jesus would get the vaccine.”

The phones lit up Wednesday with callers detailing side effects they or a loved one experienced as a result of the vaccine.

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