STARNES: One of USA Today’s ‘Women of the Year’ Is a Man

Credit: Chris Sean Smith/U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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One of USA Today’s “Women of the Year” is a man. 

Rachel Levine is the assistant secretary for Health and Human Services. The highest-ranking transgender person in the Biden Administration.  

Mr. Levine is a man who thinks he’s a woman. The 64-year-old is a trained pediatrician. One of several people named to USA Today’s list of top ladies of America. 

During his leadership at the Pennsylvania Health Department, Mr. Levine issued guidelines on how to have a safe orgy during Covid. 

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Among his recommendations – limit the number of sexual partners, wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer. 

It’s behavior that would make the Mayor of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. 

What’s truly fascinating is that the feminist movement has all but surrendered to the radical sex and gender revolutionaries. The basic premise of transgenderism is that men make better and more authentic women than women do.

So to name Rachel Levine as one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year” is not only a mockery of God’s Word — it’s also a perversion. 

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