STARNES: School Offers to be ‘Mom and Dad’ to LGBT Students

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Should teachers be hiding information from parents?

Stacy Phillips is the Mayor Pro Tem of Huntersville, North Carolina. She is also a radical pro-gay activist.

The other day Ms. Phillips posted a disturbing message on her Twitter account. She invited children who may be struggling with LGBT issues to reach out to her privately — She said she would be proud to be their “Auntie.”

It’s creepy.

The sort of behavior one would expect from a predator or a pedophile. But it’s the latest in a disturbing trend of LGBT activists putting themselves between parents and their kids.

Notices were posted the other day at Eau Claire North High School inviting kids dealing with gender issues to ignore their parents.

“If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your mom now,” — that’s the message one teacher shared with students. Hashtags #freemomhugs.

Remember the now-viral anthem performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. They’re coming for your children, America. They’re coming for your children.

I’m Todd Starnes.