STARNES: Teacher Treats Kids to a Drag Show — During School Hours

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Middleton High School is the last place you would expect to see a drag show. But that’s exactly what happened.

Matt Kashdan, a teacher at the Wisconsin high school traded his chalk and erasers for a glitter dress and high heels. Dancing seductively on stage at the school’s annual staff talent show. 

Mr. Kashdan told television station WKOW that he wanted to show students who he really was. And he did. 

Students loved the show. Parents not so much. 

The school was deluged with angry messages and accusations that Mr. Kashdan was grooming students. He calls the complaints homophobic. 

The school district says they had no idea he was going to perform in drag and they promised to do a better job of vetting future shows. 

As for Mr. Kashdan — well – he won’t be teaching at the high school next year. The district says his drag routine had nothing to do with that decision. 

Yet another reason to home school your kids, America. 

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