STARNES: We Are in the ENDGAME of Biden Presidency

National radio host and bestselling author Todd Starnes said there are many signs from President Biden’s overseas trip that he is in the endgame of his time in office. Starnes offered his blunt assessment after video surfaced of Biden breaking into a bizarre coughing fit during his Middle East trip.

COUGHING, HACKING, RED-FACED: Biden Looks Extremely Unwell


STARNES: [00:10:56] Does that sound like a healthy man to you? Ladies and gentlemen, does that sound like a man who has control of his mental faculties to you? Is it time for somebody to intervene? Get this guy back on Air Force One?


Do you think Biden is finished as president?

I mean, what you couldn’t see, was how red his face was. He did not look well. And we’ve got the photographs for you to see for yourself on our website here.

But the constant coughing and the hacking and the wheezing and the mumbling and the talking about the nurses bending down and whispering in his ear in the ICU, sniffing the little girl’s hair in Delaware just a few days ago.

Is this normal to you or are these signs that we are in the endgame here when it comes to Joe Biden?

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Because this man does not look healthy, and I don’t think he’s healthy enough to be president of the United States. You say, well, Todd, what about Kamala Harris? Well, she’s a moron. And again, she’s not running the show, and neither is Biden. There are other people that are pulling the strings.

So, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. But this guy, for his own well-being, because clearly the family doesn’t care. They’re all about the power and they’re all about the money. They know that Joe Biden is the cash cow. They know that because of Joe Biden. Hunter’s getting all of these big dollar contracts. Joe Biden has the prestige.

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By the way, I think she’s the evil stepmother in all of this. If you’re looking at how all of this is playing out, I think Jill Biden, at least based on the writings and the ramblings of and the text messages of Hunter Biden, she really is the wicked stepmother, because Jill Biden should care more about her husband than being first lady. And I think that’s the issue here, is that she wants to be first lady, so much so that she’s willing to put her husband’s life and health in jeopardy.

Am I right or am I wrong?

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