STARNES: We’ve Raised a Dumb Society

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes said many young Americans are “clueless” because public schools don’t actually teach kids anything useful anymore.

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“You get rid of the computers and people are clueless,” the “Todd Starnes Show” host said. “We’ve raised a dumb society.”


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs nationwide noon to 3 p.m. EST:

Is our society dumb?

STARNES: [00:15:19] All right, let’s go to the phones here. Edward in Statesville, North Carolina. Edward, what say you?

EDWARD: I say howdy, Todd. How are you doing today?

STARNES: Edward, I’m doing well. Thank you for asking.

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EDWARD: I appreciate you taking my call. I just had a couple of keynotes that I would like to add to your question. First of all, we need more kids to be able to learn how to count change back. Without having to use a computer or calculator.

STARNES: Oh, isn’t that the truth?

EDWARD: It’s horrible. The other thing is kids need to learn how to read a tape measure.

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STARNES: Really? Now, this is interesting. Why do you say that?

EDWARD: Well, I tried hiring a couple of young guys to help me around the farm, and they did not know how to read a tape measure.

STARNES: Is that right? How do you not know how to read a tape measure?


EDWARD: Ah, good question. I wouldn’t know.

STARNES: Oh, man. Well, were you able to teach them? Were they teachable?

EDWARD: I tried my best.

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STARNES: That doesn’t sound very…

EDWARD: A lot of these kids would be clueless. I mean, just reading a micrometer and I’m not talking the digital one that reads it out for you. I’m talking like the dial calipers.

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STARNES: Fascinating. You know, Edward, you raise a good point here and you think about, okay, what would happen? Just you’re sitting around one day, you’re thinking, what would happen if the lights went out? What happens if the electricity doesn’t come back on? How many of us would actually be able to function in a society like that? And I think we’d have a lot of people. You get rid of the computers and people are clueless. We’ve raised a dumb society.

EDWARD: Very true, sir. It’s unfortunate because you could add to that. I mean, basic life skills like changing a diaper. You said changing a tire. Most of them are going to grow up to have kids learn how to change a diaper.

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STARNES: I’ll leave that to the missus. Sometimes it’s good to be ignorant about things, Edward.

EDWARD: It’s life management, but Todd, I appreciate your phone call. We love you and God bless you and hope you come back around here to the Statesville area.

STARNES: Oh, we’ll be down there soon. Edward, thanks for calling in.

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