STARNES: ‘When You Chop It Off, You Can’t Put It Back On’

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), and many other hospitals, are coming under fire for pushing gender reassignment surgeries and treatments on children.

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Should kids get body-mutilating surgeries for "gender-affirming care"?

National radio host Todd Starnes pointed out that when doctors perform these procedures on children, they are causing them irreparable harm.

The “Todd Starnes Show” host said anyone involved in the process should spend life in prison.

Starnes noted that VUMC is mutilating children and changing their lives forever.

Tennessee Gov Demands Investigation of Vanderbilt Over Child Mutilation Accusations

“When you chop it off, you can’t put it back on,” Starnes said.


Below is a rushed transcript from Todd’s monologue on the “Todd Starnes Show”:

TODD STARNES: [00:28:14] All right. What’s going on here at Vanderbilt University? Have you heard this crazy story? A Vanderbilt University Medical Center. So for the record, there is Vanderbilt University and then there’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center, two separate entities. All right. So we’re not talking about the university. We’re talking about the university hospital or medical center. And they actually have a transgender pediatric wing. In other words, Vanderbilt University is making tons of cash by mutilating children, by castrating children. And this has been going on for a very long time. As a matter of fact, some video surfaced and Matt Walsh over at Daily Wire was responsible for the scoop here. And they were actually telling Vanderbilt’s hospital staff, they were telling people, hey, this is a moneymaker. It’s a cash cow, taking off the little kids’ private parts doing little what is a double mastectomies on, you know, 12, 13 year old girls. They’re making tons of cash. And they also had a warning for people who happen to might object to that based on religious they have some religious issues with that, and they said well if you object on religious grounds you need to find another job. [00:29:35][80.4]

Tucker Carlson: ‘Hospitals Are Mutilating Children’

VIDEO: [00:29:36] If you are going to assert conscientious objection, you have to realize that that is problematic. You are doing something to another person and you are not paying a price for your beliefs. I think that is a real I mean, I think that’s a real issue, so on. So I think year to year. So yes, Vanderbilt is one of the countries of the fashion universe for participating in this sort of surgery and probably much more accommodating to their sense of it. You can find another person to review your child who doesn’t have an objection, other things of that nature. But I just want you to take home that saying that you’re not going to do something, because if you’re conscientious, because of your religious beliefs, it is not without consequences and financial consequences. And I just want to put that out there. We are going to have enormous if you don’t want to do this kind of work, don’t work at it. [00:30:47][70.7]

TODD STARNES: [00:30:47] May I just say and I will paint with a broad brush here, I don’t care if you’re a nurse or a doctor or the person that has to wrap up the discarded private parts and like paper and throw it in the garbage dumpster in the back of the hospital. I don’t care who you are there on staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. But if you have any role, no matter how large or how small in mutilating a child, then you deserve to just spend the rest of your life burning in the lake of fire. You are a savage monster and you deserve to spend the rest of your human life locked up in a cell. This is shameful and this is beyond horrifying. And I will say this. It would behoove you. Yes, I said behoove. It would behoove you to reach out to your local hospital to find out if they, too, are engaged in this sickening, sickening abuse. Mutilating children. Something tells me that this is not the only hospital where this is going on. Keep in mind, that audio you just heard, that was from 2018. So this has been going on for a very long time. And if you’re a mother or a father and you would dare to let your child be mutilated like that, you deserve to have your children taken away from you. Something’s not right with you, mom and dad. But this is sickening behavior right here. And you have to wonder what future generations are going to say when they look back to this time in American history. When you have children and they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t know what they’re thinking, they’re kids. You’ve got adults that are going through this stuff and then realizing, Oh, wow, I made a mistake and I hate to break it to you, but when you chop it off, you can’t put it back on. And here we have doctors, medical professionals, and they are intentionally going out of their way to mutilate children in the name of the LGBTQIA god. It’s like the god of child sacrifice for the LGBT community. It’s despicable. All right. We got it. And by the way, a lot of the LG’s and the B’s are very upset about the T’s in all of us. ..We’ve got the governor of Tennessee, by the way, who says, you got to we got to investigate this. Yes, you’ve got to investigate it, Governor. And if Vanderbilt University Medical Center gets any federal funding that needs to be immediately taken away. And they need to start going after the medical licenses of all these doctors that are mutilating these kids. [00:33:42][175.2]

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