STARNES: Who’s More Likely to Stumble Into a World War — Pelosi or Biden?

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes questioned if President Biden or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would drag the United States into World War III Tuesday.

While the world questions if Pelosi is going to launch us into WWIII with China, the Biden administration seems hellbent on getting us into some sort of shooting war with either Russia, China, or Iran.


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs nationwide from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

STARNES: [00:00:42] Any minute now, we could be at World War Pelosi. So, we’re going to get a move on here. Hello, everybody. Todd Starnes with you. So great to have you with us on what is a very busy news day. Primaries happening all over the fruited plain. And we’re going to check in on those big stories as well.

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Who is more likely to lead the U.S. into World War III?

STARNES: But before we get to Pelosi and whether or not she’s going to be launching us into a World War Three with China, I want to visit what’s happening in Ukraine. And there is a very interesting story in today’s New York Times. Thomas Friedman is the author of this opinion piece. And The New York Times very upset that Pelosi is going to Taiwan. I think just about everybody is, because no one quite understands why Pelosi is going to Taiwan. It marks the first time that a high-level government leader from this country has gone to Taiwan since, I believe, Newt Gingrich, back during the Clinton administration. So, a long time ago. Somewhat unprecedented. China threatening to blow Pelosi out of the sky. I don’t think that’s going to happen. But there’s a lot of concern that this could spark some sort of an incident. So, you’ve got that going on. You’ve got the Biden administration not very happy that Pelosi is going there. As a matter of fact, the White House yesterday, during this program, actually said that the United States has absolutely zero interest in Taiwan declaring its independence from China. So, at that point, if I was in charge of Taiwan, I would have just told Pelosi to do a U-ey and head back home. You’re not welcome here. But it just seems to me that the Biden administration is hell-bent, and maybe this is just me, but it seems to me they are hell-bent on getting us involved in some sort of a shooting war with either Russia or China or Iran. And they’re trying super hard in Ukraine to get us into a shooting war with the Russians. But it could very well be something as simple as Nancy Pelosi stepping foot on Taiwanese soil to launch us into World War Pelosi. Now, I want to get into this Thomas Friedman piece, because there’s something very fascinating buried deep within the story. This is what you need to know about The New York Times, they always miss the news nugget. So, you’ve got to read and usually the true news nugget is buried somewhere deep within the story. To give you a great example of this, years ago, during the Obama administration, there was a great story that was buried in the society pages of The New York Times. Now, one of the things that I enjoy doing on Sundays, I do read through the New York Times and don’t agree with most of the stuff, but sometimes there’s a pretty good feature story in there. And at the time I was searching for this was before Zillow, so I was searching for an apartment, and you would get the Times on Sunday that had a big real estate section and so anyway I’m reading the paper and there was a feature story about the social secretaries in the White House. And I thought, well, this is interesting. I’m always a big White House history buff. I just, I’m really intrigued by all of that. And so, I was reading this story and it was a massive piece. It was like a three- or 4000-word piece. Buried at the very end was the actual news nugget of that story. It turns out that the Obamas, according to the social secretaries, that the Obamas, their first Christmas in the White House, they actually wanted to remove the nativity scene. They wanted to kick the baby Jesus out of the White House. And of course, you know that story now, because I broke that story at Fox News and wrote about it in one of my early books. But the great irony here is that The New York Times missed the story that the Obamas first Christmas in the White House wanted to throw the baby Jesus out the front door. So, all that to say, you got to read these stories to get the nugget. And sure enough, the same thing happened here. The whole point of the opinion piece, why Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is utterly reckless. And yeah, it is reckless. But that’s not the real story here. The real story is what’s happening in Ukraine. I’m going to read this from Thomas Friedman’s piece in The New York Times. Talking about the timing of this visit to Taiwan, the timing could not be worse.

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STARNES: “Dear reader, the Ukraine war is not over. And privately, U.S. officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine’s leadership than they’re letting on.”.

STARNES: Really? Really. Are we surprised by this? We’ve been concerned from day one.

STARNES: “There is deep mistrust between the White House and President Zelensky of Ukraine, considerably more than has been reported. And there is funny business going on in Kiev.”

STARNES: No. Are you kidding me? Really funny business in Kiev.

STARNES: “On July 17th, Zelensky fired his country’s prosecutor general and the leader of its domestic intelligence agency, the most significant shake up in his government since the Russian invasion in February. It would be the equivalent of Biden firing Merrick Garland and Bill Burns on the same day. But I still have not seen any reporting that convincingly explains what that was all about. It is as if we don’t want to look too closely under the hood in Kiev for fear of what corruption or antics we might see. Would we have been invested so much there? More on the dangers of that another day.”.

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STARNES: So let me stop here and there’s more to this and there’s a little disturbing more to it. And I’ll get to that in a second.

STARNES: But from day one, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve told you and I have just been as honest as I can possibly be with you, that something does not smell right about Ukraine. I’m not quite sure why we need to be there. Aside from the fact that early on, early on, we were told that there were these laboratories that everybody was very concerned about. And there’s been a lot of speculation about those laboratories, what they were doing, and why the United States needed to go into Ukraine to secure those laboratories. Some people are saying it had to do with the China virus and it very well may be, I do not know. But we do know this, that the United States is willing to risk American lives and treasure to protect those labs. So something important was happening inside those laboratories.

STARNES: The other part of it go it predates even the Trump administration, where you have Joe Biden and his son doing all sorts of very nefarious business transactions with the Ukrainians.

STARNES: We’ve known for well over a decade that there has been great corruption within the Ukrainian government, but they’ve all decided to take a blind eye at that because there’s something else going on here.

STARNES: Now, do we care about Ukraine? I don’t think we do. I think Biden wants us involved in a shooting war with the Russians. And the question is why? And it’s really not Biden. It’s whoever is pulling the strings, which would be Susan Rice or Barack Hussein Obama.

STARNES: But I want to go on to the next line here of this very disturbing story out of the New York The New York Times.

STARNES: “Meanwhile, senior U.S. officials still believe that Putin is quite prepared to consider using a small nuclear weapon against Ukraine if he sees his army facing certain defeat. In short, this Ukraine war is so not over, so not stable, so not without dangerous surprises that can pop out on any given day. Yet in the middle of all of this, we are going to risk a conflict with China over Taiwan, provoked by an arbitrary and frivolous visit by the Speaker of the House.”.

STARNES: Now, this is not Fox News Channel writing this. It’s not Newsmax. This is not the Heritage Foundation. This is The New York Times.

STARNES: I’m telling you, the administration, and you talk about a dangerous political situation in Ukraine with Russia. We need to be talking about the dangerous political situation right here in the United States. We have an administration that is in great turmoil and unrest. We have a failed administration. And that’s what The New York Times is admitting here. It’s been a failure. And you’ve got a president now that is completely unhinged. A vice president who’s a loon. And you’ve got a White House that is being controlled with puppet strings by people like Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama.

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STARNES: That’s a very dangerous place for this administration to be, because they do know that in the event of war, and let’s just we’ll put this out there, god forbid the Chinese actually go and shoot down Nancy Pelosi. Guess what? Nancy Pelosi may be a raging leftist lunatic, but she’s still an American citizen. She’s a government leader, and we’re not going to tolerate anybody shooting down our people.

STARNES: I don’t care who they are. And the Biden administration knows this and they know that if there is in fact, a war, what’s going to happen? You’re going to see the people rally around the White House. You’re going to see the economy return with a boom because that always happens during a wartime event. And you will see national unity that could give the Democrats an edge moving into the midterm elections.

STARNES: Folks, this is not without precedent.

STARNES: So we’ve got a lot of moving parts here and a lot of reasons to be very, very concerned. I believe Putin would use a nuclear weapon, and I believe the Chinese would, too. And the question is, what city gets sacrificed on the West Coast of the United States to appease the Biden administration?

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STARNES: Is that Seattle? San Francisco? Los Angeles? San Diego?

STARNES: That’s where all of this is heading. Unless somebody slams on the brakes and they do it very quickly.

STARNES: And for The New York Times to come out and to write about this and to actually admit this, because they do have the sources within this administration, they do know what’s going on inside the walls of the White House. And that is very concerning.

STARNES: And then yesterday, in spite of knowing all of this stuff about Zelinski, we’re going to give him another $550 million of our tax money, more than $8 billion.

STARNES: Now, you think about this. While all this is going on, you’ve got Joe Biden and the Democrats. They are literally arming every Ukrainian citizen. Every Ukrainian citizen is being given a firearm to protect themselves. The Ukrainians are using our tax money to secure their border. Meanwhile, back here, our border has been breached and overrun and the Democrats are trying to take away our guns.

STARNES: What do you think’s going on, ladies and gentlemen?

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