Tenn. Lawmaker Compares Himself to “Brown-Skin Palestinian Named Jesus’

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There’s controversy brewing at the Tennessee state capitol.

Three radical Democrat lawmakers face possible expulsion after they tried to incite a riot inside the capitol building.

The lawmakers are demanding a crackdown on guns in the aftermath of a shooting at a Christian school in Nashville. Six people were killed, including three children. The attacker identified as transgender.

State Rep. Justin Jones, from Nashville, is a radical leftist who actually compared himself to Jesus Christ.

“This is Holy Week as we enter Easter Season. And on this Holy Monday, this is the day that Jesus overturned the tables in the temple and drove out the money changers,” he said in remarks from the House floor. “Jesus engaged in an act out of decorum because he knew the dignity of the people being dishonored was more important than decorum.”

Jones and his cohorts have been accused of violating rules of decorum in the House.

“As someone who went to Divinity School, as someone who served as a Methodist minister, I want to lift up that revolutionary brown skin Palestinian named Jesus who engaged in ‘good trouble,'” Jones said.

“I want to talk about this Holy Monday that God is not pleased with injustice and that the light will shine and that no matter what you do to us we will not bow down…”

At that point the heretical lawmaker’s microphone was cut off.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton pointed out that Jones had not graduated from Divinity School and his behavior was anything but Christ-like.

Former Rep. John DeBerry, a black pastor, had been invited to deliver a prayer and talk about the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sexton said when DeBerry began his remarks, Jones literally “turned his back on John DeBerry” and “walked out of the chamber in the middle of (the prayer).”

That doesn’t sound like the behavior of someone who is a follower of Christ. It’s more like the behavior of a Divinity School dropout.

And by the way, Jesus was Jewish, not Palestinian.


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