Tennessee Democrats Enraged Over Inmate Baptisms

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The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services is facing controversy over a recent Instagram video. 

It showed boys, their faces blurred, being baptized inside a chapel at the Wilder Detention Center.

“We thank God today that these young men are getting baptized,” the unnamed preacher told the boys. “You are the architect of your future.”

Watch the video below:

One news organization accused DCS of theocratic behavior. They quoted an unnamed pastor who said the video was propaganda. 

State Sen. London Lamar condemned DCS. She said she was annoyed that the state was forcing religion on citizens. 

Should prisoners be baptized in prison?

“I’m always annoyed at how the state forces religion on citizens! I’m a proud Christian but what I know is many of the laws we introduce and/or pass are not of God! i.e. lynching, discrimination, greed,” the far-left Democrat wrote on Twitter.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that anyone was forced to get baptized. 

Senator Lamar claims to be a proud Christian. If so, she would know that those who profess Christ typically get baptized as a public display of their new faith.

And she’s not the only one who got triggered by our Lord.

“Baptism does not repair chronic abuse, unsafe living conditions, poor education or utter disregard for the mental and emotional health of these struggling youth in state custody,” Democrat State Sen. Heidi Campbell said.

Another Democrat lawmaker took issue that photos and video of the baptisms were made public.

“Did they get these young people’s permission to post this? I have had former youth in custody tell me their photos/videos were used by DCS without permission and they felt exploited,” State Rep. Gloria Johnson said.

Who knew there were so many godless heathens living in the Volunteer State?

“Greetings from the Christofascist Republic of Tennessee,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“This is government promotion of religion and it is unconstitutional,” another wrote. “No even trying to hide your proselytizing?”

DCS has faced well-deserved controversy in recent days — but this is one program that should be saluted.

And shame on the Democrats and other godless heathens who seem hell-bent on stopping these troubled young men from making a public statement of their faith in Jesus Christ.

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