Texas Tech Punishes Coach, Says Bible is Racially Offensive

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Texas Tech basketball coach Mark Adams has been suspended over what the university says was an inappropriate, unacceptable and racially insensitive comment made to a player. 

Coach Adams disputed the university’s version of events — saying it was a private conversation with a player. 

The coach referenced a Bible verse about how there is always a master and a servant.

“I was quoting the scripture,” Adams told Stadium. “It was a private conversation about coaching and when you have a job, and being coachable.”

On Friday, Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt was made aware of an incident regarding a coaching session between Adams and a member of the men’s basketball team,” the school said in a statement. “Adams was encouraging the student-athlete to be more receptive to coaching and referenced Bible verses about workers, teachers, parents, and slaves serving their masters. Adams immediately addressed this with the team and apologized.

“Upon learning of the incident, Hocutt addressed this matter with Adams and issued him a written reprimand. Hocutt subsequently made the decision to suspend Adams effective immediately in order to conduct a more thorough inquiry of Adams’ interactions with his players and staff.”

Texas Tech

Texas Tech said the coach later apologized, but the coach says that’s not true. 

Is the Bible racially offensive?

“One of my coaches said it bothered the player,” Adams told Stadium. “I explained to them. I didn’t apologize.” 

Coach Adams is in his second season with the Red Raiders. 

Not sure if Texas Tech has thought this through. 

Their argument is that the Holy Bible — God’s Word — is racially offensive. 

Good luck the next time the Red Raiders need a Hail Mary. 

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