They Were Worshipping God – Not Hitler, You Pinhead

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A few weeks ago a speaker at a Republican campaign rally in Pennsylvania asked the crowd to join him in prayer.

The speaker asked the crowd to raise their hands as they prayed to Almighty God – a traditional way of praying in just about every Christian church in America.

Tristan Snell, a former prosecutor in the New York Attorney General’s office, accused the Christians of participating in a Nazi salute.

Do leftists hate God?

“Yes, this is a Nazi salute, at a Doug Mastriano campaign event in Pennsylvania. In 2022. Democracy is literally on the ballot in November,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Snell’s claim to fame was prosecuting Trump University.

It’s not the first time that Christians have been maligned by the left. Barack Obama once accused people of faith of clinging to their guns and religion. Joe Biden called us dregs of society. And John McCain once said we were agents of intolerance.

As for Attorney Snell – it takes some mental gymnastics to accuse Christians petitioning the Almighty of pledging their allegiance to the Third Reich.

They were worshipping God, not Hilter – you pinhead.

I’m Todd Starnes.

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