Trans Activists Say They’re Slaves, Too

Step aside, Harriett Tubman. LGBT activists are appropriating the Underground Railroad used by black slaves who escaped to freedom in the 1800s.

Bob McCranie, a white real estate broker in Dallas, Texas, is comparing transgender people moving out of Republican-led states to blacks fleeing slavery.

“We’re calling it kind of the ‘rainbow’ Underground Railroad,” McCranie said. “We’re trying to get people out quietly and get them to someplace where they feel safer.”

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Their big fear? Laws that ban gender-mutilating surgeries on minors.

Apparently, the transgender activists would feel safer if little Timmy can chop off his privates and pump his body with unnatural hormones so he can change his name to “Tammy,” put on a skirt and pretend to be a girl.

After alluding to Tubman’s heroism, McCranie said his “Flee Red States” initiative has “helped 27 groups of people” allegedly “get out.”

The website has a pop-up that reads:

many of us feel at risk. Current laws are highly discriminatory against trans youth and their families. Our marriages, our families, and even our safety are at risk. If you feel the need to leave the jurisdiction of a Red State, let us help you sell your property here and connect you with an LGBTQIA+ or ally agent in a better location of your choice. We are licensed in Texas and we have affiliates in all 50 states and several counties.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was asked by KXAN about reports of dozens of people leaving the Lone Star State over the laws protecting children and women’s sports.

“Texas of course is a very welcoming state, and we want everybody to be here,” Abbott responded. “So much so because the policies we promote, Texas over the past decade has been the leading state in the United States of America people choose to move to for our policies, and we will continue to advance policies that protect children, that protect women in sports but protect all Texans and their freedoms.”

Despite crime skyrocketing in Democrat-controlled cities, McCranie claims blue states are safer than red ones.

“What we all want as human beings is to feel a level of safety, and if your state is making you feel unsafe, there’s no reason to stay,” McCranie said. “I can’t believe somebody could look at, let’s say, California or New York versus Texas and Florida and say that LGBTQ people feel more welcome in Florida and Texas. Do you think that’s a reasonable presumption? Of course not.”

Erick Erickson said the comparison is “offensive” and credited McCranie for “making a boatload of cash off the fear of these other people…genius marketing scheme.”

Is the transgender movement too radical?

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