Trump Haters Celebrate, Mock Death of ‘Diamond’

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The Left’s hate and vitriol toward Lynette Hardaway, known to the world as “Diamond” of “Diamond and Silk,” was on display Tuesday with reactions to her passing away.

“The party of ‘love, empathy and tolerance’ is currently celebrating the death of Diamond from Diamond and Silk,” Collin Rugg tweeted. “We are up against some very disturbing people.”

Hip-Hop Wired staff writer Robert Longfellow wrote that “the MAGA crowd has the sads, but you can’t really trust that they have actual feelings, respectfully.”

Marc Lamont Hill was lambasted on Twitter for saying, “you cannot script this stuff” in a tweet about her death.

Hill was forced to tweet, “I find no pleasure in Diamond’s death,” but added, “the potential ironies connected to her death are noteworthy. And, frankly, sad.”

One user posted a mocking video with the caption, “Me reading that Diamond from Diamond and Silk died…”

“LOL,” a person responded. Another said, “This clip made me laugh a little too loud.”

One man claimed, “she’s burning in hell” after taking “Trump’s medical advice.”

Are you surprised the Left is celebrating Diamond's death?

Another man tweeted, “Diamond was a buffoon who died because she drank the Kool-Aid, believed the lies and hype, and did her part to perpetrate the fraud. There is little else that can be said.”

“Diamond arent forever, apparently,” one user mockingly tweeted.

“So why is the other one still alive?” another person asked.

“Who had a bigger loss yesterday? Diamond and Silk or TCU?” a man asked.

Other responses included references to “Darwinism” and “Karma,” and called her a “clown” and a “grifter.”

“I will never understand how people can cheer the death of another simply because of their politics. And we see this time and time again on the Left – Scalia, Limbaugh, Cain, now Diamond,” the @PolitiBunny tweeted.

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