Trump Illustrated ‘America First’ Agenda With McDonald’s Visit

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Everything you need to know about Donald Trump can be summed up by his visit to a McDonalds in East Palestine, Ohio. 

The former president was in town to drop off much-needed supplies in the aftermath of that terrible train derailment. 

President Biden has yet to visit East Palestine. Instead, he’s giving aid and comfort to the people of Ukraine. 

Hundreds of folks lined the streets to welcome Trump to town. And he made a beeline to the Golden Arches. 

The restaurant was packed with firefighters and police officers and townsfolk. Trump shook hands and passed out some iconic Make America Great Again hats. 

And then he told the cashier that he would be picking up the tab — purchasing lunch for every first responder inside the restaurant. 

At one point the president smiled and told the crew that he probably knew the McDonald’s menu better than they did. 

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Is Trump a better leader than Biden?

In other words — this man – a millionaire many times over – the former leader of the free world – is just a regular guy who enjoys a Big Mac and fries.

It’s something the elitist in the media and both political parties will never understand.

President Trump was handing out Quarter Pounders to American heroes while President Biden was handing out more than a quarter billion dollars of our tax money to the Ukrainians. 

America first versus America last.


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