UK Hospitals Replace “Breastfeeding” With “Chestfeeding”

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Staff at two British hospitals have been instructed to describe breastmilk as “chestmilk” or human milk” to promote inclusiveness, according to UK media.

Thus, breastfeeding will be referred to as “chestfeeding” by staff to appease transgender patients, according to the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust guidelines.

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Piers Morgan blasted the new policy as “nonsense” on “Good Morning Britain.”

The guidelines claim gender identity “can be a source of oppression and health inequality.”

Maternity services will now be called “perinatal services” and mother and father will be replaced with “woman or person” and “parent, co-parent, or second biological parent,” according to The Sun.

If a person feels uncomfortable with a trans woman using a women’s facility, “no-one has the right to ask a trans employee to leave a facility,” the document states, adding, “if a person feels uncomfortable they should consider leaving and seeking appropriate advice from our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team.”

So in other words, you have to leave if you’re uncomfortable because the hospital puts trans people’s preferences above other people’s. And this thinking is evident in everything the place does.

The hospital is clear on its stance about what gender is, and despite it being a medical facility, it doesn’t follow the science. The document explains that “gender identity is an internal sense of one’s own gender and we won’t necessarily know a person’s correct gender pronoun by looking at them.”

Midwives are told to use pronoun stickers.

“Any members of staff who refuse to use the name, pronouns or gender deemed appropriate by another member of staff will be seen as acting in a harassing and/or discriminatory manner and may be subject to disciplinary procedures under the Resolution Policy (HR014),” the policy warns.

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