What’s Up With Whoopi’s Last Name? Her Dad Was a Baptist Preacher, Not a Rabbi

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There’s been a lot of debate about Whoopi Goldberg.

She’s in the middle of a national firestorm over comments she made that were at the very least incredibly insensitive – and at the worst – anti-Semitic.

Miss Goldberg has been suspended. But many critics on the left and the right say ABC should give her the heave-ho.

So what’s the proper response to this craziness? Should we surrender Miss Goldberg to the cancel culture mob? Should we fire Whoopi?

My first inclination is no – we should not. What she said was terrible and she was right to apologize. But it should not be career-ending.

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That’s how this would play out in normal times.

However — these are not normal times. We live in a nation that is governed by the cancel culture mob. Careers and lives have been destroyed by a slip of the tongue — or in some cases a simple tweet.

Just ask Roseanne Barr – fired by ABC for posting a racist tweet.

So why is Whoopi being given preferential treatment? ABC should do unto Whoopi what they did unto Roseanne.

By the way – Whoopi’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson – she’s the daughter of a Baptist preacher.

So what’s up with the Jewish last name – Goldberg?

Sounds like a clear-cut case of cultural appropriation to me.

The left should work together with the rest of us to banish the cancel culture mob — but until that happens — Whoopi should face the same fate as the rest of us. Good luck on the unemployment line.

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