‘YOU’RE TICKING OFF JESUS! Senator Warns Anti-Christian School District

Arizona State Sen. Anthony Kern warned a school district that banned student-teachers from a Christian university that they were ticking off Jesus.

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The Washington Elementary School District voted unanimously to no longer use student-teachers from Arizona Christian University because of the school’s Christian beliefs.

Kern said the school board, which includes three LGBT activists, is targeting Christians with an ungodly agenda.

“They think they can get away with it,” Kern said during an interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “The Bible says that God laughs at the wicked. And right now, He’s in full control.”

“They specifically call out Jesus Christ in their in their in their statement,” Kern added. “And I know that was the mission statement for Arizona Christian University. But I’m telling you, He’s the God of the universe. And, you know, He doesn’t take lightly lightly to this stuff.”

Listen to the full interview below starting at 1:02:38

Following is a rush transcript of the interview.

Should public schools that refuse to hire Christian teachers lose federal funding?

TODD: I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line right now, and we’re honored to have that state senator, you just heard from Senator Anthony Kern on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Senator, thanks for joining us today.

KERN: [01:02:38] Hey, thank you, sir, for having me, and I appreciate it.

TODD: [01:02:41] So you’ve heard the story and we played your remarks just a few moments ago when you first heard about this. What was your initial reaction?

KERN:[01:02:50] Well, when I first heard about this, it’s like, okay, the fight is on. You’re not going to you’re not going to negate a contract that you’ve had for anywhere from 5 to 11 years with a great university that’s in my district, Washington elementary schools, also in my district. And, you know, Arizona already already has a shortage of teachers. It’s discrimination, plain and simple. And this school board is breaking the law.

TODD: [01:03:19] What’s been the reaction from your constituents?

KERN: [01:03:23] Oh, I have gotten so much positive. I’ve had principals reach out to me in the district. I was talking to a couple of teachers this morning. I was talking to teachers yesterday. I mean, the outpouring of support and the the outpouring of people wanting to see a leader stand up and fight for not only our constitutional rights, but for Christian Christianity in and of itself. It’s very fashionable to to beat up on on Christians. And we’ve had enough. And so the outpouring has been absolute 100% positive. Now, if I was to go on my Twitter feed, it’s it’s probably 50-50. But when people have messaged me and called me and called my office here at the state senate, they have been overwhelmingly positive.

TODD: [01:04:16] This school board now, my understanding is five person school board, three of the individuals are are of the LGBT community. But this was a unanimous vote here. So there really wasn’t much there was a much dissension. And I’m wondering what sort of penalties, what recourse do you guys have there at the state level?

KERN: [01:04:34] Right. So Arizona Christian University will more than likely be filing the lawsuit there. What resources do we have available? You had mentioned three of the five are part of the LGBTQ community. There are the other one. There’s one there. I think she’s the school board president. She’s definitely affiliated with Planned Parenthood. And the last one I am not sure of, but all five of them should resign immediately or they need to be recalled. I am going to work diligently to fill. There are three of the seats are up next year and we’re going we’ve already got one person going to be running and we’re going to be putting in two more resources at the state level. You know, we do have the power of the purse over here, but I don’t want to affect because I have gotten a lot of calls from Christian teachers within the Washington elementary school district. They feel intimidated. They feel some of them feel afraid. Some of them feel, you know, it’s a hostile work environment. So if I wish to say, hey, let’s hold back some funds, it’s going to affect them and I don’t want to do that. What I have said to these teachers is you guys need to group. You need to form a form a coalition. There’s power in numbers. I am at your beckoning call. Any time you need me, I will get attorneys there and we will educate everyone on their constitutional rights. And it’s time for battle. It’s time to fight on these stinking, woke idiot. People. I’ll leave it at that.

TODD: [01:06:03] No, I appreciate that, Senator. We agree with you 1,000%. Now, here’s here’s where I. I apologize for answering this question, but I need to ask it. We talk a lot on this program Whenever these radical activists get out there and we say this is a small but vocal group. I’m wondering, are we hearing any defense of the Christians from the LGBT community? Are there any gay folks out there that are saying, hey, this is crazy?

KERN: [01:06:32] Yeah. Well, I’m glad you asked that. Yesterday, talking to a teacher, I won’t mention her name, but she had said she had reached out. She’s a Christian and she said she has reached out to one of the transgender teachers that apparently works in the district. And the transgender teacher is saying, why are we having this conversation? You know, we treat everybody with respect. What you have is you have three, five socialist, Marxist communists, people that are pushing their ungodly agenda and they’re targeting Christians. Why? Because they think they can get away with it. The Bible says that God laughs at the wicked. And right now, he’s in full control. And I’m glad I told the teachers this morning, I said, hey, this is a good fight to have, because if we don’t fight back and push back now, we’re going to lose this battle. So we need to fight. But I can tell you one thing, sir. God is on our side. And you know, you’re not just going up against Arizona Christian University. If you heard the video on my Twitter feed there at the top, I pointed to the top. They specifically call out Jesus Christ in their in their in their statement. And I know that was the mission statement for Arizona Christian University. But I’m telling you, he’s the God of the universe. And, you know, he doesn’t take lightly lightly to this stuff. So he wants us. He’s with us. He wants us to fight. And I’m going to fight every step of the way.

TODD: [01:08:01] And I like to hear this.

KERN: [01:08:02] This is a battle today. And I will fight this. I’m going to not just show up tonight at the Washington School board. I’m going to show up in two weeks at the Washington School board. I’m going to make sure these guys get recalled or or at a minimum, they will never hold another public office.

TODD: [01:08:19] Yeah, I’m with you, Senator. This is not a situation of, oops, we made a mistake. This is. No, no, you’re out of here.

KERN: [01:08:26] This is good versus evil. This is good versus evil. These people want to not only divide our state, but they want the minds of our children. I mean, I could give you several examples of different school districts in this state. I’ve got an email that someone texted me the other day about a teacher sending out, and this was in another part of the state, sending out an email, a confidential email stating, you know, use the pronouns that the kids want. These are minors. Use the pronouns that they want and keep it away from the parents. And so we live in a in a society where right is wrong. Wrong is right. The Bible talks about that. And it’s time for God’s warriors to rise up. It’s time to bring Jesus Christ back into government instead of believing the lie of the left that, oh, we need to remove Christians out. You can’t have separation of church and state. So that’s a lie of the left. And I’m here for such a time as this. And I will fight again, you know, not only for my constituents, but for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

TODD: [01:09:36] You know, it seems to me, Senator, that if there’s room in that public school classroom for a gay pride flag, then, by golly, there’s room for a Christian flag.

KERN: [01:09:44] There you go. Absolutely. And they should not be afraid or intimidated. No. And I don’t care what the media says. You know, I’ve been there, done that. You know, look what they did to our President Trump. I mean, they go after him. But I really don’t care. Why? Because I know I am confident 100% that Jesus Christ is my Lord, that that God is on my side. And when you go against him, the Bible pretty much says, you know, he’s got my back and he does have my back and he and we will fight this. Because again, when you start going after the kids, it’s a whole different story. And this little cat ears and her little kittens on that school board, they’re going to find out real quick that they made a huge mistake. And once it once the lawsuits start happening, they’re going to realize how wrong they are. But I think it’s time for our voices to be heard. And again, I think it’s time to bring Jesus Christ back into our government. You see what’s happening? We’re taking him out.

TODD: [01:12:12] All right. State Senator Anthony Kern. Now that right there is a conservative lawmaker. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And if you’re listening to us in Arizona or anywhere near that school district, you ought to show up at that school board meeting tonight. Everybody has skin in this game, ladies and gentlemen. And you heard the senator. This just happening in all over the state. All over the state. And you better believe it. If it’s happening in Arizona, it’s happening in your community as well.

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