2022 Republican Hopefuls Vying to be ‘Trumpiest’ Candidate in Midterms: GOP Strategist

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Top political strategist and Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh has a message for 2022 GOP hopefuls: Remind voters of the Democratic Draconian lockdowns. 

Murtaugh said there is no stronger messenger for Republicans than former President Trump, who is returning to the campaign trail in North Carolina June 5, keeping his promise to stump for Republican candidates in 2022. 

“Trump’s involvement in races and his endorsement and races carries a whole lot of weight,” Murtaugh told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Tuesday.

“That’s why you see all these Republican challengers in primaries, and when there are open seats as well, they’re all vying to be the Trumpiest of all the candidates because really the most valuable thing you can get on the Republican side these days still is the endorsement of former President Donald Trump,” he said.

The Republican strategist, who has spent his career promoting conservative candidates, has worked behind the scenes for various successful campaigns and administrations, but his messaging remains the same: Keep it simple. 

“You have to remember what resonates with people. Talk about things that are very important to them, like getting good paying jobs, like keeping the government out of the way of private businesses.” Murtaugh said. “So many of these Democratic governors across the country just completely stomped the life out of small businesses and crushed local economies by these Draconian lockdowns.” 

Adopting Murtaugh’s message, former Congressman Lou Barletta, who just announced his run for Pennsylvania Governor, released a video yesterday promising to “help Pennsylvanians back to work, our students back in the classroom and our business booming again.”

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes vowed to help conservative candidates, like Barletta, regain control of Congress in 2022. 

“I don’t care if they’re in Alaska, Pennsylvania, down in Louisiana,” said Starnes. “We are all in to save this country from the socialists, and that’s where all of this is heading. And we’ve got to stop it.” 


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