BREAKING: San Francisco Pro-Criminal DA Chesa Boudin Booted From Office

DEVELOPING STORY: San Francisco voters have voted to recall radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin, NBC News and the San Francisco Chronicle report.

Boudin was narrowly elected in 2019 as part of a national wave of liberal district attorneys determined to reform a system they called racist and ineffectual.

The Soros-backed district attorney vowed to hold police officers and corporations accountable for social ills. His prosecutors are not allowed to seek cash bail for defendants, charge juveniles as adults or request longer sentences due to a defendant’s gang affiliations.

As a result, San Francisco has been overrun by criminals and lawlessness.

His parents were radicals in the Weather Underground militant leftist group, and were jailed for their part in an armed robbery that left two police officers dead.

Boudin says the recall effort has been driven by right-wing businesspeople and by less-than-liberal police officers.

“This is a Republican- and police union-led playbook to undermine and attack progressive prosecutors who have been winning elections across the country,” he told The Guardian.

“The playbook involves delegitimizing and fear-mongering and recalling. It’s a tactic being used by folks who are increasingly unable to prevail in elections when they put forward their views about public safety and justice.”