A Theory on Why Kaine Was Such a Pain in the VP Debate

By Caleb Parke

Why did Tim Kaine come across as a jerk during the VP debate?

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“I had no idea why the Democrats chose a jackass as their symbol — until tonight’s vice presidential debate,” Todd Starnes tweeted, referring to the number of times Kaine interrupted Pence.

Debate moderator Elaine Quijano lobbed softballs at Kaine, while she pressed Pence on the details of things Trump has said, with little to nothing on Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden track record.

So why was Kaine still such a pain?

I have a theory.

In short: Kaine purposely performed bad to make Pence look better, get Trump upset, and ultimately make Hillary look like the better choice.

Hear me out – granted I thought of this late at night after what turned out to be an interesting vice presidential debate – as opposed to the “boring” one everyone said it would be.

As Governor Mike Huckabee put it, Tim Kaine looked “planned and canned” and Mike Pence came across “relaxed and ready.” Huckabee said it was like the difference between a tall glass of vinegar and a glass of good, southern sweet tea.

“Donald Trump won the debate,” Pence said at a rally following the debate to a cheering crowd, “Donald Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again won the debate.”

While many from the LA Times to Chris Matthews have said that Pence won the debate, I don’t think there’s much question about who won.

Voters compare the candidates across party lines, but they also compare them on the ticket.

Hillary doesn’t want anyone to think that Kaine is better than her — and thanks to the VP debate, she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Meanwhile, conservatives bemoan and wish Pence was on the top of the ticket – NeverTrumpers sit on the sidelines, affirmed in their beliefs.

It probably didn’t help that Trump live-tweeted the debate, hurling insults at Kaine while Pence pressed the other ticket for being “insults-driven.”

As it stands now, Hillary looks better than Kaine. Pence looks better than Kaine. Pence looks better than Trump. So, if we apply the transitive property of mathematics, which doesn’t really work in politics, Hillary looks better than Trump.

That’s my theory for why Kaine did what he did, and how Clinton and the mainstream media wanted it to go last night.

Only time will tell, but Trump seems to be embracing the fact that Pence did well.

“That was my first hire,” Trump said of his choice for Mike Pence, celebrating Pence’s performance in the debate.

At least that’s what he is saying publicly.

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