‘Acting Like a Celebrity’: Georgia Republican SLAMS Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker doesn’t understand the concerns of the people of Georgia, rival Georgia GOP Senate candidate Kelvin King said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [01:36:20] I am really excited to chat with Kelvin King. He is a great American patriot, and he has an incredible story. Born and raised right there in Macon, Georgia, and went to the Air Force Academy, served in the military. He is an American hero. He started an incredible construction company. He and his family are members of an incredible church there in the Atlanta area, The Church of the Apostles. Kelvin King on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line here in our beautiful Liberty University Studios. Kelvin, good to have you with us. [01:36:57][37.4]

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KELVIN KING: [01:36:58] Hey, good afternoon, Todd. I’m happy to be here. [01:37:00][1.9]

STARNES: [01:37:00] So we’re going to get to all of this in just a second. But I’m just excited to know about the Church of the Apostles. Is that Pastor Yusef? [01:37:07][6.8]

KING: [01:37:08] Yeah, Michael Yusef. [01:37:09][0.9]

STARNES: [01:37:10] He’s a good friend and a great pastor. [01:37:12][1.5]

KING: [01:37:14] Oh, dynamic Bible teaching, I mean, that’s a great perspective that he has, you know, coming from the Middle East. My wife and I, we really enjoy our time there at Church of the Apostles. [01:37:23][9.2]

STARNES: [01:37:24] Kelvin, we had Herschel Walker on the program last week, and we received a lot of emails from folks saying, Hey, you’ve got to get Kelvin King on the show. You’re in the race, you’re running. You want to be the next senator from Georgia, but you’ve got a lot of folks that also want to be that senator that are running as Republicans. What’s going to set you apart from everybody else? [01:37:46][22.3]

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KING: [01:37:48] Yes, this is a competitive race. And my qualifications are what really sets me apart from the rest of the pack. My resume polls the highest, and I’m Georgia born and raised, and I’m an Air Force Academy graduate. I served as a contracting officer in the Air Force, so I know government procurement very well, which is especially important as we go into this period of hyper spending in our government. I also started my own construction company from scratch. I started from a bedroom in my home, moved to the basement of my home, expanded and now own a twelve thousand square foot building across from the Braves stadium. So, my business acumen, my military experience, and my life experience are unique, especially for a period such as this where we’re going into a race with a Warnock and Abrams ticket. And we know that social issues are going to be a huge topic, and they’re going to try to attack us on that, as well. So, I feel like my background is definitely the most complete, and I’m the most qualified out of any candidate in my race. [01:38:53][65.2]

STARNES: [01:38:54] Herschel Walker says no debates. He’s not going to debate. What say you? [01:38:58][4.1]

KING: [01:38:59] Well, I think that’s a terrible decision that he’s made. He’s acting like a celebrity. And I guess the media outlets are treating him like a celebrity when at the end of the day, his job is to interview with the people of Georgia to represent them as a U.S. senator. My campaign, we haven’t stopped. I mean, we campaign in every county in the state of Georgia, all 159 counties. I’ve done over 300 public appearances. I’ve answered questions. I think that is what you’re supposed to do if you want to try to gain the support of the electorate. In contrast, Mr. Walker, he has stated that he’s not going to debate in the primary. I think that is a fatal flaw. The people of Georgia want to hear and see the candidate that they put in to the general election. They want to see how they perform. You know, you play like you practice. At the end of the day, you know, I always say, are we willing to settle for selfies and autographs over qualifications and policy stances? And you know, I’m not, and I don’t think the people of Georgia are. [01:39:58][59.2]

STARNES: [01:39:59] Now, of course, President Trump has endorsed Herschel. They’ve got a long friendship, and they’ve got a past. You know, going back to the old USFL days, where do you stand on President Trump? [01:40:11][11.9]

KING: [01:40:13] Well, I mean, I have no issues with President Trump. In fact, what’s interesting is that, you know, I’ve spoken on stage twice with President Trump, and my wife has spoken on stage twice with President Trump. We’ve done a Trump commercial that helped gain the minority vote in 2020. But you know, like you mentioned, Herschel Walker is close to President Trump, because he’s known him since he was about 19 years old, right out of the University of Georgia. And you know, that relationship is close, unfortunately, that relationship has, in my opinion, blinded President Trump to what’s happening on the ground here in Georgia. I mean, Mr. Walker hasn’t lived in Georgia for over 30 years. He just registered to vote last summer, and he doesn’t really know what’s happening on the ground here. He hasn’t done any business here in Georgia. He hasn’t been here talking to people and understanding what the concerns are. And, you know, unfortunately, President Trump’s personal initiatives have gotten in the way of serving the public, serving the people of Georgia. And right now, our campaign, we’re gaining momentum and we’re winning the room every time we speak. [01:41:23][70.6]

STARNES: [01:41:24] kelvinking.com is the website and Kelvin King is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line here in our Liberty University Studios. You know, I think, Kelvin, we’re dealing with the same situation or a similar situation in Tennessee, where you’ve got people that are literally moving into the state to run. And they asked one of the candidates, they asked, Alright, who is General Neyland, and why is he important to Tennessee? And the candidate couldn’t answer. I’m like, OK, wow, we’re excommunicating you from the entire state. But here’s what you need to be asking. Alright, Hershel, where is the gnat line? [01:42:00][35.8]

KING: [01:42:03] Right? You know, being born in Macon, Georgia I kind of have an idea. [01:42:05][1.3]

STARNES: [01:42:06] You know where it is! [01:42:06][0.5]

KING: [01:42:07] I have a pretty good idea where it is exactly. Now, I was born in Macon, but raised in metro Atlanta. And you know, that gives me a unique perspective on the state of Georgia. I’m very comfortable energizing the rural vote and the urban vote. And if you’ve been keeping up with this race here in Georgia, which is Georgia politics, you know that the winner is going to have to galvanize both urban Georgia and rural Georgia. You know, the winner needs to be a veteran. We have over 700,000 veterans in our state. The winner needs to be a business person or someone with a high degree of business acumen. And, you know, frankly, being born and raised here in Georgia and being able to speak on the social issues is really going to be the differentiator. Remember, Warnock is going to be at the top of the ticket on the Democratic side. He’s running along with Stacey Abrams. We don’t know who our governor candidate is going to be yet, but we definitely need a strong Senate candidate on the top of our ticket to not just give cover to the down ballot candidates, but to also go on the offensive and attack the Democrats and disarm them from the attack. So, we know they’re going to try to do that. They’re going to try to deliver to us, particularly when it comes to racial issues, social issues, and disparities. And there’s no stronger candidate than to myself to be able to speak towards those. [01:43:23][75.8]

STARNES: [01:43:23] I’ve been reading through your platform and it’s just rock solid from securing the elections, defending the Second Amendment, cutting federal spending, which as a as a small business owner myself, I am all over that. But I wanted to ask you a question that I asked Hershel when he was on the program last week. The issue regarding gender identity that is going to end up at the Supreme Court. And if you are successful and you are elected to the Senate, you will have to sit in on those confirmation hearings. And I’m just curious, let’s just say you were in the Senate right now, how would you have handled the current confirmation hearings? Would you have voted to confirm or not? [01:44:05][41.6]

KING: [01:44:06] Well, the most important job of a senator is to confirm United States Justices right. So, in this particular case, I believe that the science has been settled. I think it’s been settled since Adam and Eve. Frankly, that XX chromosomes are women and XY chromosomes are men. And I think you should know that in high school biology class. So, there’s never any confusion from my perspective and, I think that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, she lost, in my view, you know, I think in a lot of conservatives view, when she did not answer the question about what constitutes a woman when she knows the truth. So, to me, that tells me that she’s more beholden to the rhetoric, or the left, or the narrative, than the truth. And I don’t think she could judge fairly and accurately, so I would not have confirmed her, for that very reason. [01:45:12][66.2]

STARNES: [01:45:14] Your opponent was asked that question, and he could not answer that question, because he said he was too busy to pay attention, because he was out on the campaign trail. [01:45:23][8.6]

KING: [01:45:24] And that tells you a lot, doesn’t it? It’s embarrassing for the state of Georgia, and it’s embarrassing for him and his campaign and for President Trump. We can’t put candidates in front of the Democrats like Raphael Warnock that don’t have a good grasp on what’s happening or who can’t communicate accurately or articulately, and you know, who’s exposed or who could be a vulnerability. This race is too important. I mean, we’re talking about the next six years of a U.S. Senate seat and control of our U.S. Senate. We’ve got to stop the Democrats with their crazy initiatives and crazy policies by winning this U.S. Senate seat back. We cannot put a candidate that is unprepared and unqualified to go against Raphael Warnock who’s also well-funded. He has the media on his side, and he’s pretty articulate. That’s why my candidacy is growing, and we’re gaining so much momentum at this moment. [01:46:27][62.4]

STARNES: [01:46:28] Well, Kelvin, we’d love to get you back on the program, and we really appreciate, you know, you answering the questions and addressing those issues. Herschel Walker is a is a great man. He’s done a lot for University of Georgia and for the State of Georgia, but I just believe that the voters deserve to hear a debate. They deserve to hear all the candidates and see all the candidates, so they can make those decisions. And we can put the best candidate forward, whether it’s in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, or wherever. [01:47:00][32.4]

KING: [01:47:02] That is the bottom line. I agree wholeheartedly. That’s why we jumped into this race so quickly. I was the first candidate to announce in this race last March. We put in the work; we’ve been questioned. We’ve been vetted, and now we’re prepared to win. So, I just ask your listeners to go to kelvinking.com. Follow us, watch our videos, and read our policy statements, and feel free to reach out. I’m a candidate of the people and I’ll be a senator of the people. [01:47:31][29.3]

STARNES: [01:47:32] Alright, we’re going to have to leave it there. Kelvin, thank you again. We really appreciate your time this afternoon. [01:47:37][4.4]

KING: [01:47:38] Yes, sir. Thanks so much. I look forward to coming back. [01:47:40][1.9]

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