American Conservative Union Demands MLB Move All-Star Game Back to Atlanta

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Representing 75 million conservatives, American Conservative Union (ACU) president Matt Schlapp is demanding Major League Baseball (MLB) “correct the lies about conservative election reform” and “return the All-Star Game back to Atlanta.”

Schlapp said Friday conservatives “got left on base when baseball went broke for wokeism.”

The ACU sent a letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Mandred calling on him to remedy his wrong and correct the record.

“Your comments regarding the improvements to the Georgia election law are baseless and contrary to reality,” the letter says. “Worse, your misguided comments and actions have harmed the good people of Atlanta, especially the African American community. Therefore, we urge you to publicly correct the record on Georgia’s election reform law.”

The letter accuses MLB’s “virtue signaling” of robbing Georgians $100 million, especially minority businesses.

The conservative group said Manfred added to the “dishonest discussion by abruptly deciding” to move the game without even reading the law.

ACU lists these facts for Mandred to see about the law:

  • The law authorizes the use of drop boxes as a legal means by which to return absentee ballots. This was never an option before 2020 when the Georgia Board of Elections made an emergency accommodation to allow drop boxes during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns.
  • Election workers, not political groups, can set up food and water stations at the polls. This provision is solely a prohibition against soliciting votes within 150 feet of the polling place. Nothing in the law prevents people from eating or drinking in line.
  • Any registered voter requesting an absentee ballot will need to write his or her driver’s license or state ID number on the application to receive a ballot. This is an important transition away from subjective signature verification to objective identity verification, and the law lists many alternative sources of proof for people who don’t have a driver’s license or state ID number.
  • The time period to request an absentee ballot has been reduced from 180 days to 78 days. Any argument that this shorter time period will discourage people from voting is not grounded in reality. This change simply ensures that fewer people who request absentee ballots will move, die, or change their minds leading up to an election. It is a safeguard against mistakes and fraud.

With a majority of Americans supporting voter ID laws, according to recent polls, ACU wonders if the MLB’s delay in apologizing is connected to business with the Chinese Communist Party despite “a record of abuse towards millions of innocent human beings, including Muslims in the interior of the country and the people of Hong Kong who only wish to be free.”

Schlapp requests a meeting with Manfred.

“We urge you to publicly acknowledge the mistaken assumptions and brazen mistruths propagated by your organization against Georgia’s election reform law. We also call on you to stand down and desist from threatening other governors and state legislators whose only motivation is to ensure that future elections are conducted fairly and appropriately.”

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