Afghan Americans Protest at White House: ‘They’re Killing All My People’

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Newsmax: Many Afghan Americans protested outside the White House Sunday in support of Afghan civilians following the dramatic fall of the Afghan national government to the Taliban, Fox News reports.

“My family is there. All my people is there. They’re killing all my people,” wept one woman.

Many Afghan civilians crowded the Afghanistan international airport in Kabul in an apparent attempt to flee the country, some so desperate to escape that they held onto an American jet as it took off and plunged to death in an incident that killed at least seven people.

“I have immediate family that’s living in Afghanistan right now. They shut down the airport nobody can fly out – they’re stuck there,” one woman told Fox News.

President Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the country despite the Taliban’s swift takeover, saying the U.S. mission was “never supposed to be about nation-building.”

But, he said, the Taliban’s rapid advance, “did unfold more quickly than we anticipated,” he said.

“We’re all incredibly disappointed in President Biden and the administration for pulling out all the troops from Afghanistan literally overnight,” one woman explained to Fox News.

“That was not the only way out,” another protester said. 

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