‘HUGE PROBLEM’: Biggs Slams 13 Republicans Who Voted for Biden’s Massive Infrastructure Bill

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told the Todd Starnes Radio Show his Republican colleagues who voted for President Biden’s massive infrastructure bill should not be in leadership positions.



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Below is a rushed transcript of Rep. Andy Biggs’ interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Starnes: [01:19:19] I’d like to go right now to the Liberty University or rather the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line here at the Liberty University Studios, who it’s hard to keep all that together. Grace. Our good friend, Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, hope you’re doing well today. [01:19:36][17.1]

Biggs: [01:19:38] I’m doing pretty well today, Todd. Thanks. I hope you are too. [01:19:40][2.3]

Starnes: [01:19:40] I am. And, you know, congressman, we were we. I was looking at a story yesterday. We have it up on our website, folks. ToddStarnes.COM President Trump speaking at a gathering of Republicans. And it’s our understanding at this private meeting, he tore in to those 13 renegade Republicans who gave Biden his infrastructure bill victory and the president, President Trump just went after him. As a matter of fact, one of those, Nicole Malliotakis, was in the audience, and they say, according to the New York Post, that she was visibly shaken. Well, I think all 13 of them ought to be visibly shaken. [01:20:18][37.8]

Biggs: [01:20:20] Yeah, I mean, when you think about it, it wasn’t just our leadership and Republicans saying that this bill belongs with that three trillion dollar, whatever trillion dollar monstrosity that they’re linked together. There was enough bad in this bill to sink it, and we had three alternative Republican bills. So it that bill looks like it would have gone down because six Democrats voted no. They Steve No. And those 13 Republicans voted for it before the Democrats even voted no. So they gave them cover. They gave them the bill and they turned the key. That’s going to open up this massive spending bill to come. [01:20:59][39.2]

Starnes: [01:21:01] Congressman, at what point does the party sit down and say, Hey, look, folks, you know, we’re the only ones that ever compromise and we and when we compromise on issues like this again, this is about fiscal responsibility. This makes us look even worse than the Democrats to the voters. [01:21:19][17.4]

Biggs: [01:21:20] Yeah, absolutely. And so of these 13, you have 10 of them that sit as the senior Republican either on a committee or a subcommittee. And if I if you’re me, I find myself scratching my head saying, how come they’re in a position of leadership when they went against the entire conference, the entire conference and our leadership team begging people to vote no. So at some point there has to be accountability that, you know, when you’re leadership, it’s a privilege and a responsibility. It’s not. You have to take into account that you are. You’re representing a constituency, which is the Republicans in Congress. And if you’re going to some rhythm that maybe you shouldn’t be sitting there as a leader [01:22:07][46.9]

Starnes: [01:22:08] and this is the direct question I have for you is what should happen? How should these 13 RINOs be punished? How should they be held accountable? [01:22:16][7.7]

Biggs: [01:22:17] Well, I think that what should happen is, is we need to evaluate whether they should be the senior ranking member on any of these committees. I mean, I think that’s a legitimate question to ask and and and go forward from there. I mean, there’s there’s other things that could be done. You know, they’re going to come to all the rest of us in the Republican conference and say, we need you to give money to help get us elected. That’s what they want. I mean. And so that becomes a question. I mean, there’s just so many things to get into. And and just ask the questions at what point at what point do you and many of these people, by the way, Todd, this wasn’t the first time they went against the conference. Many of them voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene. Many of them voted to support the Jan. six committee. Many of them voted for impeachment. Those are the questions that you began asking, saying, We like having you in the party. We just don’t know why you should be a leader of that party. [01:23:21][63.9]

Starnes: [01:23:23] You know, especially when you have someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who you know and you may not like the rhetoric. But you know what? She’s a loyal conservative, and she’s standing up for the platform of the Republican Party, and someone like that is is set aside. [01:23:37][13.9]

Biggs: [01:23:38] Yeah, that’s exactly right. I mean, people, this is this is one of the things I tweeted out is when Republicans vote on something like this, it cast doubt people. People don’t trust Republicans. They say, Well, why should we vote Republican? I mean, they undermine the party because we have a party platform. Ostensibly that’s why we we stayed Republicans, because we believe in that pro-life, low tax free, you know, freedom message that we have. And when you a submarine that it becomes a huge, huge problem and you know, and you’re talking about, there were three Republican bills that would have delivered infrastructure, true infrastructure funding without breaking the bank. This this one gives you a $400 billion dollars in additional national debt. It helps implement the Green New Deal and starts the foundation for that which is going to be carried on in this next bill [01:24:41][63.0]

Starnes: [01:24:43] on the Patriot mobile newsmaker line. Our good friend, Congressman Andy Biggs, Congressman. There is a story up in Washington Examiner. A few days ago they were talking about this survey from Arizona Christian University, a George Barna conducted the survey. They say that a frightening number of millennials, roughly 48 percent, prefer socialism over capitalism. They also say that an overwhelming number, they say around 30 percent of millennials now identify as LGBT and an overwhelming majority of young millennials no longer really place value on religious beliefs. Where do you think all of this is coming from? I mean, this is clearly a change in the nation. [01:25:31][48.4]

Biggs: [01:25:33] Yeah, I think that what’s happened is the left is has basically grabbed hold of our institutions, not the least of which is the academy, so they’ve key to toe and beyond. The left has control of the academy and they indoctrinate people with a Marxist faceless philosophy. They they this notion that there is no gender or that there’s unlimited numbers of gender, that’s something that’s been going on, has started in Europe and came on over here to the U.S. So that institution. Look at our corporations, the boards now the boards are all woke. And so so those corporate boards are driving that sort. So societal message and reinforcing that. Then you’ve got we have we have religious institutions, we’ve got churches who have embraced some of this stuff where they actually questioned God. They actually questioned the societal values that have made America strong. And they don’t they don’t respect freedom that comes with our heritage. And you start throwing that in there and you add in the media and then the social media, and it reinforces to people who grew up with your social media. [01:26:48][75.4]

Starnes: [01:26:50] All right, Congressman, we are going to have to leave it there. Good stuff, as always, and we’re going to pay really close attention to this rhino thing that just aggravates me. And the Republicans are unforced errors. We’ve got to stand together, we’ve got to unify. And the Republicans can’t be fiscal conservatives. They’ve got huge problems on their hands. [01:27:09][19.3]

Biggs: [01:27:11] Amen. Amen. We’ll keep fighting. [01:27:12][1.5]

Starnes: [01:27:13] All right, congressman, thank you. Andy Biggs, ladies and gentlemen, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. [01:27:18][5.0]

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