Angry Leftists Storm Georgia Capitol. Where Was the National Guard, FBI?

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A small horde of angry leftists stormed the Georgia state capitol to protest proposed voter identification legislation.

Voters would have to provide a driver’s license number, state ID number or a copy of photo ID when requesting absentee ballots, according to Senate Bill 67. Currently, absentee ballots are verified based on voters’ signatures and registration information rather than an ID.

While state troopers were trying to clear the capitol rotunda, a black state lawmaker marched up and got in the face of one of the officers. Video shows another trooper gently moving her away.

Well, all you-know-what broke out when that happened.

“The same police officers are still here today and touching Black women. It is not OK, and they need to apologize publicly,” State Rep. Park Cannon said. “This is the people’s house, and we’ve got to protect the right to vote.”

“Every day, the voices of Black women are silenced. And today, a member of the Georgia Capitol Police tried to silence one of those voices when @Cannonfor58 spoke up for the rights of Georgia voters. This isn’t new, but it is enough. We demand accountability and change,” Georgia House Democrats wrote on Twitter.

So, where was the National Guard? What about the FBI?