‘Anti-Trump Spreadsheet’: Mike Huckabee Slams Drudge Report for Misleading Polls

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is fed up with conservative-leaning news outlets displaying polls with President Trump several points behind the various Democrat presidential candidates.

“I see these polls every day, particularly on Drudge,” Huckabee told Todd Starnes during a recent broadcast of the Todd Starnes Show. “I don’t know what Drudge’s problem with President Trump is, but [Drudge] clearly does not care for him.”

“The Drudge Report has become almost an anti-Trump spreadsheet,” Huckabee said. “I just don’t believe the polls. They were terribly inaccurate in 2016.”

As a former Republican presidential candidate, Huckabee believes pollsters largely ignore Independent voters. “They are all just sampling Democrats.”

“I said Trump is going to win” in 2016, and conservative news anchors told me “there’s no way,” Huckabee continued. And “with all due respect to Fox,” I don’t think their polls are very accurate either, he said.

The former Baptist minister believes Trump voters are reluctant to reveal their political identity because “they don’t want to be called a racist or xenophobe.”

“They don’t want to have someone screaming and yelling at them and throwing them out of a restaurant,” he told Starnes. “A lot of people just will go quietly and vote for President Trump” without announcing it.

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Despite polls showing little support for President Trump among minorities, Huckabee believes “they’d be voting against their own interests” by supporting the Democrat nominee in 2020.

“The lowest unemployment numbers ever in the history of the United States for African Americans is under [President Trump].”

Huckabee said the bipartisan First Step Act is a Trump Administration accomplishment that drew support across the political spectrum to uplift racial minorities.

Under President Trump’s leadership, they’re seeing “more jobs created, more prosperity, more money in their pockets.”

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