“AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED?” Mitt Romney Snaps at GOP Delegates, Survives Censure Vote

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Failed presidential candidate and anti-Trumper Mitt Romney narrowly survived a censure vote during the Utah Republican Party Convention on Saturday.

The measure was defeated 798-711.

“Aren’t you embarrassed,” Romney asked delegates as he was heckled and booed earlier in the day while delivering remarks.

Romney, who earned widespread scorn from conservatives to betraying the leader of his own political party,

“Shame on you,” some Republican delegates shouted inside the giant arena.

“Mitt Romney’s votes to remove Trump from office in two illegitimate impeachment trials hurt the constitution and hurt the party,” Davis County delegate Don Guymon, who authored the resolution, told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Romney refused to leave the stage and stood his ground even as the booing and heckling got louder.

“You can boo all you like,” said Romney. “I’ve been a Republican all of my life. My dad was the governor of Michigan and I was the Republican nominee for president in 2012.”

The reality is that Romney’s actions helped lead the Democrats to take over control of Congress and the White House.

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“This was a process driven by Democrats who hated Trump,” Guymon told the newspaper. “Remember when (Nancy Pelosi) tore up his speech? Romney’s vote in the first impeachment emboldened Democrats who continued to harass Trump.”

The great irony is that Sen. Romney and other Never Trump Republicans are calling for party unity, while still wiping the blood from their hands after they stabbed President Trump in the back.

Romney constantly reminded the propagandists at CNN and MSDNC that his impeachment votes against the president were matters of conscious.

In that same spirit, hundreds of his fellow Republicans voted their conscious, too.

And senator, to answer your question, we are indeed embarrassed.