Army Disciplines National Guard Soldiers for Hovering Over Black Lives Matter Riots in Chopper: Report

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The U.S. Army, under President Biden, has taken disciplinary action against National Guard members for their actions during the Black Lives Matter riots over the summer, reports.

The investigation found a “systemic lack of understanding” for how to use low-flying helicopters during BLM demonstrations in June 2020.

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“Corrective actions and disciplinary actions have been taken,” an Army official told the outlet.

Maj. Gen. William Walker, commander of the Washington, D.C. Guard, launched an 15-6 fact-finding investigation after reports found DC Guard medical evacuation helicopters hovered low over a crowd near Capitol One Arena on June 1st.

Although not prohibited by law or policy or unreasonable conduct given the chaotic nature of the situation, the official told reporters Wednesday their actions were “performance issues.”

Some crew allegedly thought the mission was to have a “constant, obvious presence” to deter criminal activity, while others thought they were just to observe.