Biden Accused of Plagiarizing Trump – Not the First Time

One of President Biden’s best lines from Tuesday’s State of the Union address was taken from former President Trump, many pointed out online.

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“Biden plagiarized Trump,” Chad Gilmartin, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s communications director, tweeted, comparing the two lines.

TRUMP, 2018: “The state of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

BIDEN, 2022: “The state of the Union is strong because you the American people are strong.”

Did Biden plagiarize Trump?

But this isn’t the first time Biden has been accused of stealing from the Republican kingmaker.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Trump told reporters about Biden’s plans: “He plagiarized from me, but he could never pull it off.”

Biden has a history of plagiarism.

As a student at Syracuse Law School in 1965, Biden plagiarized 5-pages from a law review journal “without quotation or attribution.”

He had to suspend his 1988 presidential campaign after he plagiarized from speeches by British politician Neil KinnockRobert Kennedy, and President John F. Kennedy

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