Biden: First Responders Who Refuse Vaccine Should be Fired

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The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary.

Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next. 

President Biden says any first responder who refuses to get vaccinated should be fired. 

That bombshell dropped during a CNN town hall meeting. 

In recent days hundreds of police officers and medical professionals have either resigned or been fired. 

New York City ordered all government workers to either get the jab or get a new job. 

Last year the White House celebrated doctors and nurses and police officers as heroes.

But last year’s heroes have become this year’s villains. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused police officers of inducing an insurrection. 

Many police departments are fighting back — filing lawsuits – and staging sickouts. 

This as the number of vaccinated Americans who have been infected with the virus continues to rise. 

Which leads me to the most important question of the day — what is it about the vaccine and the virus that the medical professionals are not telling us?