Biden is ‘Bringing Death into the Country.’ – Rep. Greg Murphy on Todd Starnes Show

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), a medical doctor. Click here for the full interview.

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TODD: Congressman, moving on to the border, there are now reports from journalists on the border, eyewitness accounts of literally hundreds of people today. More than 300 have already crossed the border at La Hoya, Texas. I mean, I’ve seen estimates that we could have as many as 20 million illegals in the country in the not too near future.

MURPHY: [01:44:28] I wouldn’t doubt it, I would not doubt those numbers at all. And, you know, it also concerns me. You know, these are people I’ve worked in some of these poor countries. I have, Todd. And I’ve been a physician and worked there for years. I understand their desire to get out of tough conditions. However, the United States cannot take everybody. We are a country of laws. There is a legal way to come in this country. I just several weeks ago for citizenship for someone who came in the legal way, but also what concerns me, not only the people that are going to be coming in using our resources, our hospitals, our emergency departments, et cetera, or the number of human trafficking individuals that have come in that have been sold into sexual slavery for sex slavery, but then also the number of illicit fentanyl that have now been seized. And so people say, well, see, we’re seizing them. That’s only a small portion of what’s actually getting in. And what we’ve done, as I predicted, is we are now seeing a spark and rise in the number of deaths from opioid overdoses. So, you know, I’m sorry Biden has done something that, in my opinion, is treasonous to the country because he’s letting death come into this nation.

TODD: [01:45:39] This is a fair point you’re raising. As far as I know. The are these people do we know if they’re being tested for the virus before they’re allowed to enter? We know that a lot of these people are just simply put on planes and dropped off in other cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee. Seems to me, in fact, the virus is as deadly and as contagious as they say they would be stopping people and making sure they were not infected before they’re allowed into the country.

MURPHY: [01:46:08] Yeah, this is the typical hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. You can’t come in. You can’t fly into the United States unless you’ve had a negative Covid test. But you can run across the border illegally and not even ever be tested. Look at the hypocrisy. I mean, my God, the hypocrisy that the Democratic Party has shown since this administration has taken place is simply unconscionable. And this is a perfect example of one perfect how they’re bringing Covid into this country and spreading it everywhere. Well, you know, this quote Delta very I mean, this Delta variant is now is wreaking havoc in some places.

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