Biden Refers to Kamala as ‘First Lady,’ Says He’s ‘Not Together’

President Biden was all sorts of confused Tuesday when he tried to say Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband tested positive for COVID.

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“There’s been a little change of the arrangement for who’s on stage because of the First Lady’s husband contracted COVID, but, uh…look at this room and what you see,” Biden said, before he was corrected from off-camera.

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“Pardon,” he said as the crowd erupted in laughter.

“Right,” he responded. “She’s fine. It’s me that’s not together.”

Then he attempted to make it right.

“The Second Lady — the First Gentleman, how ’bout that. Anyway,” he concluded.

Many online were confused.

“Any idea what he meant to say?” one user asked.

“Omg this is so embarrassing,” Libs of Tik Tok tweeted.

“Trump was right about one thing,” another person said. “He really is sleep Joe.”