BIDEN: ‘She Was 12. I Was 30’

President Biden stopped his speech Friday to call out a “woman” who “helped him get an awful lot done.”

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Newsmax host Benny Johnson called it the “most CREEPY thing” Biden may have ever said on Twitter.

He looked at a woman and said, “You gotta say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12. I was 30, but anyway.”

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National radio host Todd Starnes called it “absolutely disturbing” and wondered if the president just admitted to a crime.


Conservative commentator Monica Crowley told the “Todd Starnes Show” it could be a sign of dementia because “patients lose more of their filter and tend to blurt out the truth.”

Many online reacted to Biden’s past comments, especially after he vowed to change his behavior in 2019 after being accused of inappropriate physical contact by multiple women.

Does Biden creep you out?

“Joe ‘Pedo Pete’ Biden,” one user said.

“Well, that’s creepy,” another person said.

“When they tell you what they are believe them.”

“Weird that he’s reading Ashley’s Diary out loud…” Jimmy Failla tweeted.