Biden STOLE Story About Putting Dead Dog on Lady’s Front Porch, Huckabee Tells Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee. The former GOP presidential candidate says President Biden plagiarized a story in which he said he put a dead dog on a woman’s front porch. Click here to listen to the full interview. And listen to the Todd Starnes Radio Show daily 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. eastern.

BIDEN: [00:43:16] I got a call one night and a woman said to me, obviously not of the same persuasion as I was politically called me and said, There’s a dead dog on my lawn. And I said, Yes, ma’am, I said, Have you call the county and said, Yes, they’re not here? And I said, Well, I’ll get him in the morning. And she said, I want to remove now I pay your salary. So I went over. I picked it up. She said, I want it out of my front yard, I put it on our doorstep.

TODD: [00:43:51] And, you know, there were some gasps there, like what you did what? They were, they were applauding because they thought that he was actually going above and beyond and taking care of the problem and not taunting this woman by putting a dead dog on her doorstep. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I believe the Biden family dogs are gone around biting everybody over the White House. I’m just saying, maybe our next guest has the thought of this. Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. He is the host of the number one show on TBN. Huckabee is the name of the show. Governor Mike Huckabee. Hey, gov, how’s it going?

Is President Biden of Sound Mind?

HUCKABEE: [00:44:27] Todd, going great. You know this story? I’m finding interesting, and I’ve got to tell you a little background. Probably 40 years ago, I heard that Barry Story told as a joke, and I’ve heard it through the years. And so it’s an old joke about an elected official saying somebody called and said there was a dog in their yard. Come get it and they go over and they put it on the doorstep. A similar story. So I think what Joe was doing was telling this old joke. The problem was Joe Biden typically does plagiarize the story. He didn’t say, Hey, there’s a story about a guy and then try to make an application. He tells this stuff as if it actually happened to him, which it most certainly didn’t any more than him having a chain fight with corn pop or somehow graduating first in his class at law school and going on a full scholarship, all of which were lies. This is a guy who is a serial plagiarist. And in this case, my guess is he may actually think that when he tells a joke, it became a part of his own personal history. So maybe he believes this happened that no, it did.


TODD: [00:45:50] You know, I just I don’t get it with this guy. And, you know, the Democrats see all this and they’ve got to be shaking in their boots, governor. They know what’s about to happen if they don’t get a handle on this.

HUCKABEE: [00:46:00] Well, I mean, this is the guy that calls somebody a lying dog-faced pony soldier and the rest of America is still trying to figure out what the heck that means. So these things kind of pop out of his mind like brain flatulence, which is the nicer way of saying what I would have said. And I just don’t think that Joe is cognizant of what reality is versus what something that he has maybe said. Who knows, he may have told this joke 40 years ago. As I say, it’s an old joke. It’s not new because I heard it years ago. And yet, when he tells it, he told it as if it really happened and as if he was the actual subject and the story. That’s where he gets himself in so much trouble. He just make stuff up as if it really happened to him. So the next thing you know, he won an Oscar for a movie role. He played, he invented the electric car. He was one of the astronauts that walked on the Moon. There’s no limit to what Joe has done. We just don’t know about it yet.

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