Biden Supporters are Looting, Burning Cities and Attacking Conservatives, says Trump Campaign

Whether or not the moderator asks about e-mails involving the former vice-president’s son, President Trump is certain to reference the scandal in the Oct. 22 debate, Trump Campaign Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told the “Todd Starnes Show” Oct. 19.

“The American people deserve answers for this and it’s important for the President to try and get to the bottom of it,” Gidley said of the release of emails that point to possible criminal and/or ethical violations on the part of Joe Biden when his son, Hunter, was doing business in the Ukraine and in China.

Commenting on news reports Biden will be unavailable until Thursday’s debate, Gidley said the presidential candidate’s refusal to answer questions is “pretty shady.”

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“The American people need to see just what Joe Biden has been up to,” Gidley told Starnes. “He’s not doing anything else until the debate. That’s a whole interesting thing all together.”

Gidley called the media’s lack of coverage of Biden “embarrassing,” given that he was in charge of building relationships with the two countries his son had lucrative contracts with during his vice-presidency. Instead, a reporter recently asked the candidate what flavor his milkshake was, Gidley said.

“That’s the guy who delivers for us,” Gidley said of Trump, in comparison. “He has been able to take the power away from [the media] and give it right back to the American people.”

Admitting that some people don’t like every tweet or harsh word of the President, Gidley said it’s his “attitude – that harshness, that toughness, that brashness” that enabled trade deals benefitting American workers and peace deals in the Middle East; got hostages home; rebuilt the military; crushed ISIS; got more jobs for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and women than previously – and led to the “greatest economy the world has ever known.”

In contrast, for 47 years Biden has not been able to do what Trump was able to do in 47 months, Gidley said.

“It’s really a shame that all of these Biden supporters have decided to take to violence in burning our city streets, in looting, in attacking innocent Americans,” Gidley said. “That’s what they are doing. And the Trump supporters out there need to stand tough, stand tall, go vote for the man who is promising—and who has delivered—on safety and security in so many of our neighborhoods.”