Biden Using Coronavirus to Raise Campaign Cash is ‘Appalling,’ Todd Starnes Says

Todd Starnes, the best-selling author and host of the “Todd Starnes Radio Show,” took Joe Biden to task Friday over an email that warned Americans about the COVID-19 virus and then solicited donations for his campaign.

“It’s beyond appalling that Joe Biden is raising campaign cash while people are suffering from the Wuhan virus,” Starnes said, referring to the virus’ original name in news accounts. “President Trump called on Americans to set aside politics and unite for the good of the nation. Joe Biden should muster a measure of decency and follow the president’s advice.”


The email was first reported by Karl Rove on Fox News. The ex-George W. Bush adviser said the email was sent at 7:40 p.m. and included a speech. At the bottom of the email it read, “This is not the time to be complacent — If you are ready to fight for the soul of the nation, you can start by donating to elect Joe Biden by clicking the button below, donate to Joe Biden.”

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Biden, despite winning key states in Super Tuesday and ‘Super Tuesday 2.0,’ will debate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday, which will likely be the last showdown in the Democratic nominating process.

Politico reported that despite Biden’s momentum, the coronavirus threw a big “wrench” in his fundraising plans. The report cited a memo to staff that pushed for “virtual fundraisers.”

“The Biden rise comes at a moment when our collective responsibility to public health has us all recalibrating our daily lives. For the former VP, the virus is likely going to put a halt to much of the necessary fundraising activity and rallies over at least the next couple of months,” Mathew Littman, a former Biden speechwriter, wrote in an email, the report said. “So while Donald Trump has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars for reelection, Biden may be in a very dangerous spot, with significantly fewer funds in his coffers.”

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