Biggs Warns Starnes: The Leftist Elites Are Trying to Sabotage Election

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., told the “Todd Starnes Show,” on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proven that she can no longer effectively do her job, and needs to be removed from her leadership role.

Biggs told Todd Starnes, the host of the radio program, that there’s a Motion to Vacate the Chair and Republicans are urging Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, to bring the motion forward.

“She’s been terrible for the country; terrible for the institution and it is time for her to vacate the chair,” he said.

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Biggs pointed to how the speaker refuses to even acknowledge the violent protests that have exploded across the country and Starnes pointed to her recent visit to a San Francisco hair salon that was closed due to the coronavirus.


“If you are a hairstylist and you cut someone’s hair in Texas you go to jail,” Starnes said. “Nancy Pelosi can just waltz right in and get her hair done—she can do the whole nine yards…have the spa treatment. Again, one set of rules for the governing Democrats and another set of rules for all of us little people.”

Biggs said when he watched the video of Pelosi at the hair salon, he was reminded of the old Soviet Union.


He said the leaders in the Soviet Politburo “used to have their little cabins and resorts on lakes, they had plenty to eat, they drove cars, they had TVs because they were elitists in a non-elite society, supposedly. And that’s exactly where Democrats come in, but certainly Nancy Pelosi.”

He said Pelosi’s ability to show how out of touch she is the everyday American seems to have no limit and recalled her interview from home when she stood in front of her $20,000 refrigerator packed with $12-per-pint ice cream.

Pelosi’s offense did not stop at getting her hair styled, Biggs said. After she was caught on video, she got defensive and blamed the salon owner for setting her up, effectively trying to destroy the business operated by a single mom.

“She basically tried to crush that business because the owner said, ‘Look, she violated the law.’”

“She brands Republicans and people who support President Trump as domestic enemies. You are criminals in their minds. You are less than the dust of the Earth,” Biggs told Starnes.

That is Nancy Pelosi, he said. That is the Left.

“Enough is enough. America has got to stand up,” Biggs said warning that the Democrats could be up to no good.

“I call what they did last time a coup attempt,” he said. “The Left elites are trying to sabotage this election.”

Biggs wrote an op-ed on Fox News that laid out his argument for Pelosi’s removal.

“Many Americans believe in our nation’s exceptionalism, but the left only believes in the exceptionalism of their elite companions,” he concluded. “That’s why they demand tolerance while displaying violent intolerance to any with an opposing view.”